Taking care of a car may feel like caring for a pet. Just like one would want the best food, health care, and products for their pet, car owners must use the best products and most reliable services to extend the life of their vehicles. However, missing key steps while maintaining a car can undo all the work carried out to keep the automobile running. So, here are a few car maintenance mistakes to avoid: Not checking the tire pressure One may overlook the importance of checking the tire pressure of their cars periodically. While one may check for deflation, even inflated tires may have low pressure. So, a cursory glance might not be enough. In most cases, issues with tire pressure will not be visible to the naked eye. Low tire pressure leads to poor fuel efficiency. One needs to keep an eye on the tire pressure, as it tends to decrease quickly, especially when the car is driven on a pothole-ridden road. Additionally, extreme weather conditions can also affect the tire pressure. Not replacing old air filters Air and fuel filters help the engine function smoothly. However, old and worn-out filters can contribute to poor performance. Filters are relatively inexpensive to change. So, one can change them frequently. Failure to do so can prove costly, affecting the gas mileage and the durability of engine parts. Delaying oil change Motor oil lubricates the engine’s pistons and valves to keep them running without friction. However, the oil needs to be replaced after extensive use. For most modern cars, the limit is about 7,000 to 8,000 miles, after which an oil change becomes essential. One needs to change the engine oil in their car on time to avoid issues like sludge formation in the engine, damage to the internal parts of the vehicle, and overheating, among others. Overlooking brakes Like the engine oil, the brakes of a car tend to wear out after several thousand miles of use. Inspecting and replacing the brakes after they wear out can help prevent accidents due to brake failure or inefficiency. Apart from these car maintenance mistakes to avoid, other lapses include driving while the engine overheats, not replacing old wipers, neglecting fluid check, and ignoring the TPMS light on the vehicle.