Is your beloved canine quite irritable these days? Is your pet too busy scratching itself even when you take it to the dog park? Well, it’s time for you to tread carefully as those annoying, blood-sucking fleas have probably found a comfortable abode in your poor dog’s lustrous coat. These fleas are pests that irk your dog and keep multiplying at an incredibly fast rate, thereby adding to your pet’s misery. Though these fleas are tiny and not entirely visible to the naked eye, they can wreak havoc in your house as they are quite fond of human blood as well; they will bite your furry friend and you as well. So, you need to resolve this problem immediately as fleas might multiply and become comfortable members of your house. Flea bites aren’t as bad as wasp bites, but your dog would cease to be the fun-loving, carefree creature it used to be. Moreover, flea bites can give rise to several flea-borne diseases that can cause further trouble. So, you need to opt for either of the following treatments to get rid of the fleas on your dog. FRONTLINE Plus: This is one of the best medications for treating the fleas on your dog’s fur. This topical formula is quite potent and repels pests that bother your beloved pet. Your pet will remain safe from these trouble-causing pests for the next 30 days. This formula is concocted using fipronil and s-methoprene, and the resultant medication can actively eliminate the fleas on your dog’s coat. Irrespective of whether the pest is an adult or just an egg, this flea treatment can kill them during different life stages. Moreover, regular use of this dog-flea treatment prevents flea reinfestation. Capstar Flea Control: If topical dog-flea treatment methods irritate your pup’s coat, you’ll need a powerful alternative treatment. Capstar Flea Control is available in the form of tablets that you need to administer according to your pooch’s bodyweight. Moreover, this tablet can get rid of fleas and is instrumental in preventing infestations in the future. Also, this formula is extremely safe for dogs that are pregnant or nursing. Advantage® II: This topical agent proactively protects your pet dog from fleas and lice. This spot on medication is fast-acting, and its integrated flea control quality is known to kill adult fleas within 12 hours of the first application. This formula makes use of imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen to kill and repel all pests. This treatment for getting rid of fleas from your dog’s fur is available in different formulas to suit dogs of different weights. Flea Away®: Flea Away® is a chewable, oral treatment to get rid of fleas from your dog’s coat. This treatment for dog fleas is quite unique as it relies on a vitamin complex to free your furry friend from these bothersome pests. This treatment causes your pet to produce a distinct odor that is instrumental in warding away insects. Moreover, these chewable tablets are very effective in repelling ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes before they can even land on your pet. Since each of these chewable tablets has a distinct palatable liver flavor, it becomes easier for you to administer the doses. Capguard: Capguard functions in the same way as Capstar Flea Control, but it is more pocket-friendly. This treatment option for dog fleas are available in the form of tablets and is quite popular for its 30-minute onset of action. It contains nitenpyram which is instrumental as it starts killing fleas within 4 hours. Seresto®: One of the most popular ways of treating fleas on dogs is by opting for a flea collar. There are two types of flea collars — one that emits a gas which repels pests, and the other one has medication on it which seeps into the dog’s skin, or the active ingredients are spread on the dog’s coat by natural skin oils. Seresto® flea collars are as efficient as topical agents and tablets in killing fleas and preventing reinfestation. Like the other forms of treatment, these collars are available in different formulas, and can actively protect your pet for the next eight months. Natural Chemistry Natural Flea and Tick Spray/Shampoo: If you aren’t keen on using chemicals or artificial solutions to kill fleas as you have certain reservations about its impact on your dog’s health, then this natural treatment for killing fleas from your dog’s fur will put your doubts to rest. These products use a blend of botanical ingredients that take care of pesky pests that can trouble your dog even in the future. Natural Chemistry offers several forms of protection in the form of sprays and shampoos, and you can choose the one that your pet will find comfortable. You can rest easy as your dog won’t experience any side-effects after using these products as it uses completely natural blends.