Concerts in large stadiums provide a truly unique experience. But finding tickets for the best rows before they sell out can be time-consuming. Tickets can be purchased in different ways, including online, at the venue, or through a middleman. Regardless of the method you choose, it is essential to confirm the tickets' validity to prevent becoming a victim of fraud. Here are some things to avoid when buying live concert and show tickets. Visiting fake links Scammers often use phishing to obtain financial and personal information from people booking tickets online. Once they have this information, they access the victim's bank and credit card accounts. They mainly trick buyers by sending emails or text messages that appear to be from legitimate banks, credit card companies, or event organizers. These emails include a link to a different page that asks for personal data like birthdate, social security number, and bank account details. As a result, the con artist gains direct access to the victim's account. To avoid fraud, ensure the links you visit are valid and come from reliable sources. Last-minute bookings Tickets to shows featuring popular performers sell out shortly after the dates are made public. So, booking tickets just a few days before the show or concert can be risky. To ensure you get the passes, purchase tickets as soon as you learn that your favorite artist is performing. Doing so also gives you time to look for discounts or special offers and pick the best seats inside the stadium. If necessary, set a reminder for when the tickets go on sale. Ignoring the terms and conditions Before buying live concert or show tickets, carefully read the fine print. Check for any stated age restrictions to avoid wasting money and being denied entry at the gate. Also, read the terms and conditions to understand what is permitted in the stadium or ballroom and what should be left behind to avoid confusion later. Further, check the return and exchange policies to avoid last-minute stress. Falling for fake tickets During big events, scammers produce fake tickets and mark them down to lure customers. After receiving the payment, they disappear or present a fake ticket. Buying tickets directly from the venue or a trustworthy secondary source is advised to save money and avoid falling for such cons. Search for official websites, investigate the vendors, and purchase tickets only from sources that provide a justifiable return. Finally, use a credit card to buy tickets as they are more secure than other forms of payment. You can cancel credit card payments immediately if you discover the tickets are fake. Using third-party apps for booking Avoid downloading third-party apps that promote simple ticket booking, deals, discounts, and other benefits on the day of the concerts. These apps may contain spyware and malware, compromising your smartphone and exposing personal information. Only use the Google Play Store or App Store to download apps for booking live concert or show tickets. You can check out reliable websites like VividSeats and StubHub to book tickets to concerts, shows, and other events. The platforms offer exciting deals and discounts for events like the Superbowl and performances by popular artists like Madonna and Taylor Swift.