Couples often face challenges that put their relationship to the test. Trust, communication, and commitment are the foundations of a healthy relationship, which can help couples overcome most challenges. However, a relationship can hit rock bottom when a partner is unfaithful. While it's essential not to jump to conclusions based on suspicions, being aware of potential signs, such as those mentioned below, that one's partner may be having an affair can help individuals address concerns. 1. They can't stop talking about someone they've met If a person’s partner begins mentioning a new individual, be it a colleague, a friend, or someone else, more frequently than usual, it could be a warning sign to look out for. An increased frequency of referencing or bringing up the new person in conversations could indicate that a partner keeps thinking about them. 2. They are suddenly overly affectionate Another sign is when a partner, who was not particularly demonstrative of affection before or did not believe in grand gestures, suddenly begins showering one with excessive affection. This could include giving gifts without an occasion or doing household chores out of their turn. These acts could be attempts to mask their feelings of guilt. 3. There are telltale signs of emotional distance Heartfelt conversations or communication, in general, become scarce, emotional closeness is reduced, and arguments seem to happen no longer; these could signal emotional distancing. A partner's withdrawal can indicate a shift in their priorities or emotional investment, possibly toward another person. 4. They are away more often Frequent and unexplained absences, especially on weekends and beyond their usual commitments like work, might be a sign of concern. So, if one notices their partner spends more time away from home without clear reasons, they must broach the subject. 5. There are significant, unexplained cash withdrawals If one’s partner makes significant cash transactions without proper explanations, it may be their attempt to conceal expenditures related to the affair. These could include restaurant bills or money spent on gifts. They might also prefer cash transactions, which are not disclosed via card statements. 6. They are secretive about their phone use If a partner starts being overly protective of their phone, adding passwords and keeping their phone with them at all times, it could mean they are trying to hide communication with someone else. They may also begin acting secretively about messages and calls for the same reason. This guarded behavior suggests they might be keeping certain interactions private, hinting at a possible affair. 7. They stop talking about a future together When discussions about plans, dreams, and shared goals no longer happen, it may signify a shift in commitment. If one’s partner avoids discussing long-term plans or seems disinterested in building a shared future, it could indicate a change of priorities.