Incurring debt is really common in this age and era as everything has become extremely expensive, from college education to owing a house. If you ever feel that your debt is too large and you may not be able to pay it in time, then you can seek the help of a debt settlement company. These companies essentially communicate with your creditor to try and lower your debt and the rest of it is typically forgiven. Given below is a list of the top 9 debt settlement companies in the USA.

  • National Debt Relief

If you have USD 7,500 or more in debt, then the National Debt Relief can be a great choice for you. It is one of the most prominent debt settlement companies in the country. The initial consultation is offered for free, but you will have to pay 15-25% of the settled debt amount as a fee.

  • Freedom Debt Relief

This a dedicated company that offers debt relief services to people who have at minimum USD 7,500 to USD 10,000 in debt. 15-25% of the settle debt amount is charged as fee once a settlement is negotiated, and in return, they offer the possibility of settling the debt within 24-48 months.

  • CreditAssociates

CreditAssociates surely is one of the top 10 debt settlement companies because of their satisfying services. They help customers who have USD 7,500 or more in debt and charge a portion of the settled debt. You can also use their services via mobile apps.

  • Accredited Debt Relief

Generally, people with a minimum debt of USD 10,000 use the services of companies such as this to lower the due amount; however, Accredited Debt Relief has no minimum amount stated on their website. They take two to four years to complete the process and the fee is charged only after that.

  • CountryWide Debt Relief

They recommend that customers with USD 10,000 or more in debt avail their services to get their debt resolved. They promise to lower the debt by 20% or charge nothing. Their track record shows a great success rate.

  • United Debt Counselors

If you are looking for the top 10 debt settlement companies, United Debt Counselors should be considered. This company offers its services through professional debt counselors to help you settle credit card or unsecured debts.

  • Century Support Services

Century Support Services can help you reduce your debt effectively. The consultation is initially free and the fee is charged only after the first payment is given to the creditor. Subsequent fees are taken in a similar fashion.

  • Elite Financial Services

The company offers to settle your unsecured loans in as short a duration as 12 to 36 months. They provide debt analysis for free and charge the debt settlement fee only after the process is completed.

  • New Era Debt Solutions

New Era Debt Solutions has been providing debt settlement services for over 20 years. On average, they have helped reduce around USD 250,000,000 for their clients can reduce your debt by 47% of the original amount.

Now that you know the top 10 debt settlement companies in the USA, you can compare their fees and services to determine the best one for your needs.