A bleeding disorder is a condition where the blood doesn’t clot the way it should. Generally, the blood starts clotting to save losing a lot of blood from bruising. However, this is not the case for those with bleeding disorders. One can experience severe blood loss with every injury and surgery. The bleeding disorder can cause abnormal bleeding outside and inside the body. The following are ways to prevent problems that arise from this disorder. Avoid using blood thinners Patients with a bleeding disorder must avoid medication that thins the blood to a large extent. This should ideally be their last resort. Use substitutes recommended by the doctor.  Dodge activities that involve the risk of bleeding People with blood disorders must avoid activities that put them at risk of developing an injury. Avoid boxing, wrestling, football, hockey, and mountain climbing. These patients can indulge in sports activities, including swimming, golf, and cycling. However, when cycling, one must take safety measures.  Inform your doctor Be it surgery or a visit to a dentist, one must inform their doctor about the bleeding disorder. This helps doctors take steps to prevent excess bleeding through the procedure. Eat healthy Healthy food habits can keep blood pressure and overall health in check, preventing the onset of any illness. High blood pressure can put patients at a high risk of bleeding internally. And keeping a healthy weight can ensure that the blood vessels are not being compressed due to trans fats. Include heart-healthy foods in your meals to keep the arteries clean. Always wear a seatbelt Whenever traveling via road, train, or air, it’s advised to take all safety measures. Don’t ignore wearing a seatbelt if you’re just going to be driving a few blocks for groceries. A minor accident can have a huge impact on the passengers and driver. So, to avoid being in this situation, always wear a seatbelt.