Vasculitis causes inflammation of the blood vessels. This inflammation can affect arteries, veins, and capillaries and hinder the normal flow of blood in a person’s body. This hindrance can further cause a lot of other complications in the body. Also, the severity of this condition can vary, from mild in some cases to life-threatening in others. Either way, its timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial to preventing it from causing more harm. The following are the common signs of vasculitis in a person:
  • Numbness in limbs The disruption in blood flow caused by vasculitis can further cause numbness in the arms or feet. A person might feel tingling sensations or pins and needles in their limbs. They may also feel limb weakness and notice swelling in their palms or feet.
  • Shortness of breath Another common sign of vasculitis is experiencing trouble breathing. Besides shortness of breath, a person may even suffer from coughing. Having trouble breathing might also be an indication of some other serious condition related to the heart or lungs. Regardless, if noticed, the person should immediately seek medical attention.
  • Rashes or spots on the skin A person’s skin can also show signs of this blood-inflammation disease. They may notice red spots under their skin, which is a sign of bleeding under the skin. They may also develop rashes, protuberances, or discoloration on the skin.
  • Fatigue and sudden weight loss Vasculitis can also cause weakness in a person. So, someone with vasculitis may start feeling tired without any physical activity. The disease can also cause sudden, unexplained weight loss in a person. Although other ailments can also cause these symptoms, it is crucial to consult a medical professional if they are noticed.
  • Discomfort in eyes and ears Another common sign of vasculitis is discomfort in the eyes and ears. A person may notice their eyes becoming red and itchy. In some cases, they might also feel pain in the eyes. Vasculitis can also cause partial impairment of vision. Similarly, it can also cause discomfort in the ears. A person with this disease might notice a constant ringing in the ears, called tinnitus. In some cases, one can also experience sudden hearing loss.
  • Other general symptoms Besides these signs, vasculitis also has a few other general symptoms. These include fever, headache, joint pain, abdominal pain, and loss of appetite. While these symptoms are commonly seen in several other ailments and infections, they should not be dismissed.
Blood vessels are responsible for the functioning of our entire body, and disruptions in the blood flow to any organ can cause severe damage. If the blood flow in vital organs like the brain, heart, or kidneys is affected, it can be life-threatening. Hence, if, due to any of these symptoms, one begins feeling uneasy or that something is not normal, one should consult a medical professional.