Mosquitoes are never welcome in homes or otherwise. They are the carriers of many diseases, especially Malaria. In some seasons, staying out in the garden becomes tough because these little insects keep growing and, lead to uncomfortable evenings. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help ward off these insects completely from the yard. Here are some things to avoid to control mosquitoes in the lawn, garden, or the yard of the house. Standing water Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water. This can be rainwater collected in a puddle, in the garbage can, or anywhere else, swampy potted plants, gutters clogged with debris and water, and so on. In many homes, there are bird baths and even kiddie pools, and it is advised to change this water frequently, like a few times a week. To avoid mosquito breeding, one can use fountains instead of stagnant bird baths since the running water prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs. Apart from this, other measures to keep mosquitoes at bay include using larvicide biscuits. These biscuits, also known as mosquito dunks, are completely safe for humans and pets in households. They are also safe for tadpoles but prevent larvae from hatching. This means that even if mosquitoes lay eggs, they will not hatch and populate the water source. Not installing fans Installing fans in certain areas around the yard can be a great way to keep not just mosquitoes but other flying insects away. Scientific studies suggest that mosquitoes fly at speeds ranging from only 1 to 1.5 mph, so having a light breeze in the yard can help keep them away from people. Additionally, fans also help to keep carbon dioxide away, an environment that encourages mosquitoes to breed and attracts them. Therefore, keeping a fan around the crowd can be an effective way to repel mosquitoes. Weatherproof fans placed on the patio could be a great solution. Avoiding landscaping This can invite these small insects easily. A backyard that is not landscaped, is damp, dark, and cool is the perfect hotspot for mosquitoes. Make sure to take some time to cut the grass, prune the trees, trim the shrubs, and just let all the plants get some sunshine. Get a professional to help landscape the yard if a DIY project does not work. Some experts suggest that putting some cedar mulch on the ground is a helpful tip in keeping the ground from staying too wet as it soaks up excess groundwater. And this also naturally repels mosquitoes. Not planting natural deterrents Not planting natural deterrents, like some specific plants around the house, is a pitfall one must avoid. Citronella is one of the plants that is easy to grow and used as an essence in many candles for repelling mosquitoes. There are some other herbs like basil, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, and even sage, which can be grown in the garden to repel the mosquitoes naturally.