Maintaining a home garden, whether small or large, is a hands-on task. And if you don’t plan on hiring someone to take care of the nitty gritty, you’ve got your hands full with all the tasks that come with gardening. So, from finding the best plants to maintaining them, you have to pay attention to all the details. So, if you plan to make your garden flourish single-handedly, avoid making these common gardening mistakes. Don't make an overly ambitious garden plan It's good that you want to take up gardening as more than a weekend hobby. But a common mistake most people make is setting unrealistic goals about how the garden should look. Bigger is not always better when it comes to building a garden, as you will need more time to keep it in great shape. Start small and expand the selection of plants wisely. Don't overcrowd plants Plants need space to grow and bloom. So, ensure you don’t place them in close proximity. Experts suggest keeping at least two feet of space between saplings so they can grow and spread out naturally. You also don’t want to plant too many varieties, as each type of plant will require specific watering, nutrition, and care. Don't let plants rot If you have planted small herbs, tomatoes, and a couple of other veggies in the garden, be ready to harvest them once they are ripe and ready. Leaving the fruits of your labor on the vine is pointless, as the fruits and vegetables will begin to rot beyond the natural cycle. Don't overwater or underwater plants You don’t want to turn a beautiful garden into a swamp. Similarly, not watering enough will also leave scanty patches of grass and weeds. Water the plants and saplings regularly, as advised, based on the type of garden you want to maintain. Don't ignore instructions Seed packets and store-bought nourishment, like certain types of oil and organic fertilizers, for the plants come with specific instructions for each plant. Therefore, you need to carefully read the instructions and follow the steps to ensure proper planting techniques for the best blooms that make the garden look vibrant. Don't be inconsistent Gardening is not a one-day job or something you get around to whenever the mood pleases. You will have to invest time and resources to maintain a proper home garden. The bigger the layout, the more effort will go into caring for the plants. Keep at it consistently. Another common gardening mistake is not cleaning the gutters regularly, which can hinder water drainage. Here, one can opt for solutions like LeafGuard’s one-piece gutter system to ensure the water flows freely. The system, equipped with a unique curved hood, prevents leaves and other debris from clogging the gutters.