Bedbugs are among the peskiest pests and quite hard to get rid of. If they hang on to a person’s clothing or personal belongings, they can easily infest their homes, cars, etc. So, steering clear of bed bugs is crucial to avoid their bites and prevent one’s personal space from getting infested. One way to avoid catching bed bugs is to stay careful at a few hotspots where these insects usually lurk. These include the following: 1. Public transport Public transport seats, such as subway cars, cabs, and buses, are among the most common lurking places for bed bugs. They can easily hop on one’s clothing or personal items, like bags. One can avoid this by keeping their belongings carefully, not on the cushions, and checking their belongings properly upon reaching home. 2. Hotels Even though hotel beds are cleaned and disinfected before every check-in, the seats in a hotel’s waiting areas and lounge areas are usually not; chances are, these seats might be concealing bed bugs. So, it is best to avoid using these seats and keep luggage away from them when visiting hotels. 3. Office break rooms Bed bugs can thrive in office environments, especially in areas like break rooms where many people gather at once. Hence, when using office break rooms, one must be cautious about where they hang their coat or bag. 4. Gyms and yoga studios The locker rooms of gyms and yoga studios, being shared spaces, could also be harboring bed bugs. Hence, upon leaving these places, one must always inspect their gym bag, clothing, and yoga mat. 5. College dorms College dorms could also be potential hotspots, with numerous students gathering there. Hence, it is essential for those living there to check the bedding and get it laundered frequently. 6. Thrift stores With so many used items coming in, thrift stores are a hotspot for bugs. Hence, when shopping at thrift stores, one must carefully inspect furniture and clothing for any signs of bed bugs. 7. Movie theater seats For all the other places on the list, one can look for some telltale signs of bed bugs, like spotting the small reddish-brown bugs, tiny black fecal spots, or shed skin. However, movie theaters are mostly dark environments, and it is not easy to inspect their seats. So, when visiting theaters, one can avoid bringing too many personal items and carefully check their clothes and belongings when leaving.