Refrigerators have gone from being modest little cold-storage boxes to smart cooling units today that can sync with your phone. Some of the best refrigerators feature a ton of customizations, offer amazing smart tech, and innovative cooling solutions. But with multiple brands, different types of units, and too many alternatives, selecting the right one can get confusing. For starters, you can check out these three brands that have been making the round in the home appliances market for all the right reasons.

Frigidaire - The Affordable Alternative
If you’re just looking for a basic cooling unit with a side-by-side door design, Frigidaire is a budget-friendly brand you can certainly consider. It comes with adjustable interior storage so you can reorganize the shelves whichever way you want. The trademark Store-More™ design features more space with panels lined up edge-to-edge. Moreover, a smart LCD control lets you adjust cooling settings to best suit your refrigerator needs. Frigidaire is certainly a value-for-money brand for cooling solutions and gives the best refrigerators that you can get under $1500.

Samsung - The Smart Choice
Smart cooling systems have most innovatively changed the way we refrigerate food. And Samsung has yet again introduced a smart unit that is durable, stylish, and is a true workhorse. One of the best features is the Family Hub screen that uses tiny cameras placed inside among the shelves to keep a close watch on your perishables. Now update your grocery shopping list without having to keep the door open unnecessarily. You can also use the smart screen to leave notes for family members and even order food from your favorite service. Go completely hands-free with voice commands powered by Bixby. Now understand that premium smart features won’t come cheap so be prepared to shell out $3,500 or more for one of Samsung’s best smart refrigerators.

LG - Best Overall Pick
Need a little bit of this and that? LG brings you a combination of features in a true all-in-one solution with its cooling units. Get smart tech and premium utility with spacious options. You also get easy access with Door-in-Door™ technology and customized storage drawers for all family members. Now chill your favorite foods and beverages without compromising on space and cooling preferences. LG brings you one of the best refrigerators among the top brands perfectly suited for your family kitchen.