Driving a truck across the country may seem like a piece of cake, but it surely isn't. Trucking involves a lot of patience, strength, willpower, and problem-solving skills. With a truck driving job come extended periods where drivers won't see their friends and family. But the job does hold a lot of importance, as the transportation of all commodities depends solely on you. Here are some mistakes novice truck drivers make that are easily avoidable. Rookie mistakes to avoid When you begin your career as a truck driver, everything might seem easy, but that's untrue. The chances of making a few mistakes are only a few days ahead. So, here are a few mistakes made by rookie truck drivers:  Crossing speed limits On the highway, although speeding up seems like a good idea, it should be avoided at all costs. Speeding up might be fun for a while and may help you reach your destination faster, but when danger comes your way, you will be unable to control the truck. Since the trucks are heavy, it can be challenging to manage them, causing more harm than good.  Being overconfident As you start spending months on the road, you believe you've got the hang of it, but that's not always the case. No matter how much time you spend on the road, it would be best if you were always vigilant about what's happening around you to avoid problems and safely reach your destination.  Ignoring safety practices Sometimes, when you're on a time crunch or braving extreme weather conditions, there are chances that you might ignore the safety signs or the load. This would cause a lot of problems, as there are cargo thefts that happen on the road, or there may be loss of cargo due to a loose knot. If this goes unchecked, it might be unsafe for the other vehicles on the road.  Being unorganized As you begin to spend time driving from one state to another, there are chances you might not be able to keep up with all the consignments. However, with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD), you can do it all. As the ELD synchronizes with the engine, it helps you get an accurate portrayal of your hours of service. If done correctly, this will undoubtedly make your life easier. Additionally, you must also update the load board so that there isn’t any miscommunication. Neglecting health There are chances that continuous hours of driving and staying awake at night may begin to take a toll on your health. During this time, the worst mistake is to neglect your health and continue the job. It will only put you at risk and endanger the lives of people around you.  Forgetting about the trailer On the highway, there are chances that you might forget that you are trucking a heavy trailer. A slight turn might set it to a different angle, causing more damage on the road. So, whenever you make a turn, be mindful of the freight behind you.  Fueling up before weigh-in One of rookie truck drivers' most common mistakes is fueling up before the weigh-in. This might cause a lot of confusion, as the size of the cargo and its weight determines whether it is a less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carrier or a full truckload freight carrier.