Believe it or not, climate change is a looming threat to our existence. If we want our future generations to live a quality life, we have to find ways to reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible. It’s wrong to believe that there is nothing you can do to fight climate change. Even small modifications in your daily life can save the planet. Remember, now is the best time to start fighting climate change. Here are six simple and effective ways to get you started.

Don’t waste food

Did you know that methane is the second biggest contributor to human-caused climate change? When food rots, methane is released. A Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) study shows that 40 percent of the food purchased in the country is disposed of. This has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. A simple way to eliminate food wastage is to buy only what you need, eat leftovers, and donate the excess to food banks.

Eat more plant-based foods

Even the food you choose to eat can impact climate change. Animals, such as cows, are fed grains, making them release methane into the atmosphere through their gases. A climate-friendly diet is one that is plant-based. Moreover, fruits, veggies, and nuts are very healthy and full of nutrients that can help you live a disease-free life. If you’re unable to turn into a vegetarian, at least lower your meat consumption, as it can significantly help reduce your carbon footprint.

Switch to LED lights

Today, it has become essential to find ways to reduce energy usage. One of the simple solutions is using LEDs. You will be astounded to know that LEDs consume 90 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and 50 percent less energy than fluorescent bulbs. This means you can expect lower cooling bills. And since LEDs last much longer than nearly all other types of bulbs, you will also save money in the long-term.

Use climate-friendly modes of transport

Carbon emissions from cars, flights, and ships contribute to climate change in a significant way. The best form of sustainable transportation is bicycles. But we understand that it's not practical to use it every time. So, whenever and wherever you can, try to take public transportation, like a bus, train, or carpool, to your workplace.

Plant trees

The least you can do to help reverse climate change is plant trees. It is a well-known fact that trees absorb carbon dioxide and convert harmful gases into oxygen for us to breathe. Researchers from the ETH Zürich university believe that if we were to reforest 900 million hectares of forests worldwide, we could eliminate two-thirds of the human-made carbon emissions.

Educate yourself and the people around

To win the fight against climate change, the first step is to be well-informed. Share what you’ve learned with your colleagues, family, and friends. Use social media as a tool to discuss how climate change is affecting the planet and what ordinary people can do about it. Remember, only when people are aware of the dangers of climate change will they do something to prevent it from worsening.