Buying a smartphone is a major hassle that requires a lot of deliberation. The number of options available across brands, variants, and features can make the buying process challenging. Moreover, it’s a one-time purchase, so you want to make sure you don’t end up with an inferior product or an overpriced gadget. To help you, here are ten common smartphone buying mistakes to avoid at the time of your next purchase. Being brand specific Premium brands have always dominated the smartphone market. But you should consider alternatives that offer the same features for a more affordable price point. Not knowing your needs Understand why you want a smartphone. What is the point of buying a phone with a basic multimedia setup when you actually need a better core processor for gaming? Going by the commercial Smartphone commercials are shot with the sole purpose of promoting the product. But don’t let this extravagant marketing strategy fool you into buying a phone that you don’t need. Always getting the latest model Understand that companies will continue to launch new phones with some new upgrades. But often, the existing variants will have most of the same features and is a much more affordable option. Lack of research Spend some time online learning about the smartphone. Also, compare deals across brands that boast similar or better features. Do not just buy from the first store or website. Going by reviewers and influencers Tech experts assess the products and give their opinion. But these initial observations may not reveal the big picture. So don’t just take their word for it. Buying unwanted accessories Accessories can be tempting to add to the cart. But if the accessories provided in the box are adequate, don’t spend extra money to replace them. Wrong display size Do you need a new phone for gaming where the screen should be bigger or for basic use where a smaller screen size will suffice? Decide well in advance. Not considering storage If you take a lot of pictures, shoot videos, and download movies, storage size matters. Consider internal storage options and check if the smartphone supports external expandable slots as well. Going only by price Price is an important factor to consider while buying a smartphone. But do not buy simply because you are getting a cheap deal. You will end up regretting that purchase. If you’re looking to purchase a new smartphone, you may want to consider popular brands like Google and Samsung. You can purchase them from network providers like AT&T, T-mobile, UScellular™, or Verizon. These companies offer the best prices on the latest models and have discounts for their network services. Public networks are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and using smartphones without installing cybersecurity software for mobile use beforehand is considered unsafe. For larger organizations, enterprise-level solutions like CrowdStrike enable extra layers of security to protect multiple online systems from malware, ransomware, and common cyber threats.