People often ignore the importance of home security, putting themselves and their families at risk. Door and window locks and human vigilance are sometimes insufficient to keep malicious elements at bay. In today's age, security cameras and smart doorbells are gaining popularity. Luckily, Black Friday will be here soon, when homeowners can enjoy discounts on the latest smart systems. Here are ten types of home security devices to look out for during Black Friday 2023. Video doorbells Video doorbells, also called smart doorbells, let people view the area in front of their main door. In doing so, they reduce the possibility of harassment by sneaky intruders or pesky neighborhood kids who ring the doorbell before running away. Modern video doorbells come with unique and valuable features, such as 1440 x 1440 resolution visuals, a clarity-driven 1:1 aspect ratio, and a wide field of view. Some models also send alerts to the homeowner's phone or computer, store free surveillance data on the cloud, and offer two-way communication. The Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Camera Pro is currently selling for a discount of $8 at Best Buy, but if customers hold off buying it until Black Friday 2023, they may enjoy a better deal. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors These devices help prevent accidents and health hazards in houses. Carbon monoxide and other gases can cause severe health issues if they leak from faulty appliances and external sources. Smart detectors use electromagnetic sensors to identify poisonous gases and alert homeowners. Popular models like the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector are currently available for a discount of around 30% on Amazon. Still, it's best to wait until Black Friday to see whether the retailer slashes prices further. Security cameras People with large houses can install surveillance cameras in multiple rooms and monitor the footage on their phones or laptops in real time. These devices have motion and sound detectors that automatically sense if someone has sneakily entered the house or is hiding within the property. Security cameras can be expensive, but, like every other product, they can be purchased for less during Black Friday. These cameras are known to fetch discounts of up to 50% on retail sites and physical stores. Security lighting Motion-activated floodlights can record videos and trigger sirens to keep burglars and malicious elements at bay. Burglars tend to use the darkness of night as a shield to enter a property and go through with their nefarious activities. Intelligent security lights illuminate one's porch and other darkened zones as the night sets in to neutralize that threat. Last Black Friday, some customers saved around $90 on the Arlo Pro 3 outdoor floodlight camera. Smart door locks Smart door locks have Wi-Fi connectivity to help homeowners control and regulate them from anywhere using their phones. They're the ultimate tools to answer the "Has the front door been left open?" question. Based on last year's trends, smart locks may have discounts between $25 and $30 during the upcoming sale. Burglar alarms Many homeowners don't wish to use fancy cameras and cutting-edge gadgets to improve home security. Such individuals can invest in the good old burglar alarms. Everyone who uses a burglar alarm knows how simple and effective its operation is. These alarms have certain traps or hidden buttons, which trigger a loud alarm when pressed. Homeowners can install them where burglars wouldn't suspect while breaking into a house. When they try to sneak in, they're more likely than not to trigger the alarm and get caught. Black Friday is known to offer discounts of up to 30% on these devices. Water leak sensors Home security systems aren't restricted to burglars, intruders, or criminals. They also help protect the home during emergencies like water leaks. Flooding and roof leaks are common on rainy days and can cause hygiene- and safety-related problems. Water leak detection devices employ sensors to identify leakage or flooding within the house. Black Friday is known to unleash discounts on these devices in the range of about 30% to 35%. Motion detectors Many security cameras and other smart home security systems come with in-built motion detectors, but one can buy such sensors separately to save. Buyers are known to find hefty discounts of up to 66% on motion sensors during the Black Friday sale. Window sensors Doors are not the only routes for intruders to break into the house. To close off the windows, one can purchase window sensors that send homeowners a chime and notification every time someone opens or shuts them. Abode's Mini Door/Window Sensor is currently available for a discount of $10 on the brand's website, but interested buyers should wait until Black Friday 2023, hoping for even better deals. Door intercoms Intercoms let people communicate with people waiting outside without opening the main door. It reduces the risk one's exposed to when opening the door for strangers, especially at odd hours. Shoppers can look for discounts when buying these devices from retail stores.