Tablet computers, also known as tablet PCs, have similar hardware like RAM or processing chips to those of smartphones. However, they have bigger screens, which make it fun for users to watch content and easier for working professionals to carry out daily tasks. But there are several uses of a tablet, unknown to many users. If you own a tablet PC, here are five tips to utilize the device to its full potential. Use it as a secondary screen Many users might be unaware of this, but some tablets can be utilized as a secondary screen. Doing so can help you increase productivity, especially when working. Connect it to your computer monitor with the respective USB connectors, and you can do this seamlessly. You can also cast the contents of your tablet on a smart monitor or television. Modern tablets have a desktop mode, which, when activated, can wirelessly cast the contents to a smart TV or monitor for better viewing angles. Use it as a universal remote While you can do this on a smartphone, using a tablet computer as a universal remote can be much more fun. You can dock it on a wall at home and download the respective apps to control the smart appliances. Next, you can remotely manage all devices connected via WiFi, play music, and control content, volume, and other aspects through the tablet. And when you're not at home, you can carry the tablet around and use it as a portable entertainment device. Art productivity tool With the introduction of digital art like NFTs, several artists have shifted from using paper to creating high-quality art on their smart devices. And one of the best, cost-effective ways to create such art is with the help of a tablet. So if you have an artistic persona, use your home tablet to create digital paintings whenever you like. Plus, since it isn't paper, you don't need a hard surface to support the painting. Using a tablet to go digital will also help save paper and contribute to going green. Furthermore, you can use the "oversized" smartphone to create music and write articles. Make it your E-reader Reading material has steadily started to shift from paper to digital platforms. However, reading content on a smartphone might increase the strain on the eyes. Therefore, we recommend utilizing the smart tablet computer as an E-reader to keep yourself up to date with the latest news in the country. You can also use it to read books, magazines, comics, and other content from your favorite authors. Integrated car dashboard Most reasonable car dashboard systems are quite expensive, and budgeted devices are not that great. So, instead of purchasing an integrated dashboard from the car manufacturer, spend a few dollars to get the tablet for the car dashboard. While it may cost a little to turn the car smart, it might be worth the extra bucks when you compare its capabilities to a factory system. With the system, you can control entertainment content on the go. The tablet can also be used to make and receive calls if it has connectivity features. While these tips can help utilize the device to its maximum potential, some older models may have limitations. So buying a tablet computer that is up-to-date and feature-rich can significantly help improve your user experience. One brand to consider for tablet deals is Lenovo. If you visit Lenovo's website, you can find the Tab P11 Plus + pen and keyboard in the color slate gray for a deal price of $299.99. That's 25% off its retail price. You can also find quality tablets and deals from other brands like Samsung and Apple.