The iPhone 14 series is still one of Apple's top-of-the-line offerings that one can purchase at the Apple store or other third-party retail websites. Hundreds eagerly wait to upgrade to a new device or buy their first iPhone, lest they find a suitable offer on a preferred Apple smartphone. For those intrigued, here are seven offers on the iPhone 14 series that could help save money and make repayments easy. Apple - Trade-In 1. One of the most popular offers that customers may come across when they shop from the Apple website is Apple Trade-In. With this, they could get between $40 to $650 credit toward their new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus. One could get up to $800 for their trade-in when they finance with select carrier deals at Apple. One needs to answer a few questions to estimate their trade-in value and pick their payment methods, after which Apple will mail the customer a trade-in kit. The customer must ship their trade-in device within 14 days of receiving the kit. Once the device is shipped, a team at Apple will inspect and verify its condition. More details about Apple trade-in can be found directly on Apple's website. Apple - Card cashback 2. Customers who shop at Apple can use the Apple Card to pay monthly at 0% APR. They could also get 3% Daily Cashback on the Apple product purchased - all upfront. When checking out the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus, they must choose Apple Card Monthly Installments and connect the new iPhone to AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. Customers can check if they are eligible for this offer directly on Apple's website. Other benefits with the Apple Card include Unlimited Daily Cashback with every purchase, including 3% at Apple, at select merchants when one uses the Apple Card with Apple Pay, and 2% everywhere else that the Apple Card is used with Apple Pay. Further, one will also get an Apple-designed titanium card usable anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Apple - Free subscription to Apple Music and Apple TV+ 3. There are multiple third-party retail stores where one may get a free Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscription. This offer might apply to the entire Apple iPhone 14 lineup, including the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. As part of the offer, customers who buy an eligible device may receive a free Apple Music subscription for up to 4 months, which gives them access to over 9- million songs and 30,000 playlists ad-free, online or off. The Apple TV+ offer gets them a 3-month free subscription, through which users can stream Apple Original series and films, and new Apple Originals are added every month. Verizon - Free with a new line offer 4. Customers who buy the iPhone 14 or the 14 Plus from Verizon might be eligible for the device for free. They have to add a new line of service on a qualifying plan. The users could get the basic iPhone 14 or the 14 Plus for free with any 5G unlimited plan. As for the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, the user will need the Unlimited Ultimate plan for the more advanced iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. AT&T - Installment deal 5. Customers could save significantly when they shop for an eligible device from the iPhone 14 series at AT&T. For example, they could save over $300 when they pick the base iPhone 14 device and get it for about $11 a month on a 36-month installment plan. The customer must buy an eligible variant on a qualifying 0% APT installment agreement, including taxes on the full retail price (upfront) and a $35 activation/upgrade fee. They must then activate/keep the postpaid eligible unlimited service. After this, the user could get up to $335, $255, or $274 in bill credits on the iPhone 14 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB respectively. The complete terms and conditions can be found by selecting the iPhone 14 on AT&T's website. Customers might also be eligible for a similar offer on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max variants on the third-party retail website. AT&T - $100 off through third-party retail websites 6. Another popular deal from AT&T could be found on select third-party retail stores. Customers who purchase an eligible device, such as the iPhone 14 128 GB, could get it for as low as $630 when they activate it with a new AT&T line or account. That is $100 off its current retail price. One may get a similar price cut on the devices, including the iPhone 14 Plus, Pro, and Pro Max models. Mint Mobile - Phone + Service Deal 7. Customers who shop from Mint Mobile might be eligible for the iPhone 14 series Phone + Service Deal. Purchasing any 6-month plan at the telecommunications provider could free the user six months of additional network service. For example, while Mint Mobile's unlimited plan is $30 per month, one must buy a 6-month plan and get an additional six months complimentary.