The rollout of fifth-generation (5G) communication technology is still in its early stages. And there’s still some time before you can expect nationwide coverage of 5G connectivity. However, that hasn’t stopped top smartphone brands from launching new 5G phones. Since the launch of Samsung’s S20 series, major players are introducing flagship 5G-compatible models even in the early stages of this technology. But is now the right time to invest in new 5G phones?

We’re here to help you decide by analyzing the pros and cons of this amazing technology.

5G networks offer better resources than its predecessor, and here’s how:

  • Speed
    You get to experience insane upload and download speeds with 5G technology. Who doesn’t love high speed downloads? 5G is faster than any other LTE network currently dominating the 4G market. A 5G connection also offers a lower latency in comparison to reduce seemingly minute delays or lag in communication.
  • Improved technology
    When 4G was introduced, 3G technology became obsolete. This is one of the reasons for you to explore options before dropping big money on a new phone that still supports 4G and nothing more. Chances are that you might have to upgrade soon enough to switch to a faster 5G network. It’ll be a few years before 4G becomes completely obsolete, but major network carriers are now offering 5G services as part of their existing bundles. Paying for 5G networks is not really as expensive as you would have initially thought when the tech was new.

This technology is fairly new, so there are some issues with the feasibility of the service, such as

  • Lack of consistency
    While 5G offers better bandwidth, improved downloads, low latency, and better hotspot or cloud solutions, the service is still new. This means you might not get the same superfast speeds and uninterrupted connectivity, especially while traveling frequently. In fact, there are many cities where 4G is still not prominent and new 5G phones will simply cease to function.
  • Still expensive to own
    New 5G phones are still quite expensive. You might have to spend over $1000 just to buy a good 5G-compatible phone, premium variants can go over $1300 or $1400. Even the cheapest new 5G phone you can buy starts at a whopping amount of around $850 for the OnePlus 7T Pro. The good news is, by the end of 2020, users will see the introduction of mid-range 5G phones making them more affordable to own. But the technology right now is expensive.