A resume can make or break a potential job opportunity. While the content of a resume is essential, the presentation is equally important. With resume-building apps and software, this task becomes easy. These have resume templates with various formatting options. Here are some paid as well as free resume builder apps and software to choose from: Resume Help This free resume builder app takes you through one section at a time when creating a resume. You only need to fill in the blank sections, pick a template, and Resume Help will do rest of the work. There are more than 20 templates to choose from; each with a unique design and style. There is also an option of pre-written content that speeds up the resume writing process. Resume Genius If looking for a paid resume builder, then Resume Genius is a good option. It claims to create a resume well under 15 minutes. There is a range of several template options to choose from. The website guides you through several questions and sections to create a resume. You can write out your own answers or select from several pre-written replies. These pre-written answers can be easily edited or customized as well. Resume Genius has a 14-day trial period. Once the trial period is over, the website auto-renews your subscription unless you cancel it before the trial period is over. Resume.com This is one of the best free resume builder websites. With zero charges, Resume.com gives you access to a variety of templates. The site is quite easy to use and highly intuitive as well. With various templates, the website guides you in creating your resume section-wise. You also have the option of customizing their resume. The best feature is that you can make a custom URL for your resume and download it in several formats. ResumeBuilder If you want to find the best resume templates, Resume Builder is a good choice. It offers over 30 contemporary and professional templates to make a suave resume. This free resume builder app barely takes a few minutes to build the perfect resume. It also has a step-by-step guide that helps you throughout the resume-building process. Moreover, it allows for ample customizations in terms of text formatting, page size settings, and color variations.