A content management software (CMS) is a platform that helps you create high-quality websites to manage content without needing to learn about coding and website development. This is a great tool to have when you don't know the mechanics of website building as it provides you with basic building blocks to create a website. These days, several popular CMS platforms allow you to create your own content management websites and store the data on the cloud. Some of the most commonly used cloud-based CMS software are as follows: 1. Contentstack This software is suited for mid-sized or larger organizations since it provides an extensive set of tools and features for creating and managing digital content. Moreover, with a starting price of approximately $3500 per month, it can be pretty expensive for smaller businesses. Contentstack allows you to integrate your website with other platforms, such as IBM Watson, Shopify, Optimizely, YouTube, and Google Analytics. 2. Cloud CMS This platform is much more affordable, with the starting plan costing approximately $200 each month. It's ideal for content-heavy websites that need an organized system for control. Cloud CMS supports project-wise content management and provides a form builder for creating and classifying this data into different types, such as blog articles, website pages, and rich media. 3. ButterCMS This is considered one of the most affordable CMS platforms in the market right now. The plans start from just $50 for a month, and you can upgrade to higher versions, depending on your organization's needs. Moreover, suppose you are a developer or have hired a developer for creating your website; in that case, ButterCMS will provide you the developer version of the software that has no limitations for free, on request. The software supports over 20 programming languages and frameworks and has additional features like quick setup, prebuilt SEO fields, and support for migration from WordPress sites. 4. CosmicJS CosmicJS is a simple and straightforward cloud-based CMS that provides ready-to-start code for multiple frameworks. Priced at 99$ per month, it comes installed with certain unique features, such as the availability of object-type categories, code snippets for the content, block-based UI, and the ability to migrate content from one bucket to another.