The quality of sleep at night sets one's tone for the day. A good night’s sleep ensures alertness and enhances mood, facilitating better decision making, problem solving, and behavior control. Moreover, studies have demonstrated the association between poor sleep quality and cognitive decline. So, it is important to strike the right balance between sleep duration and quality to enhance one's overall well-being. To do so, avoid these common mistakes that may affect one’s sleep quality. Using electronic devices just before bedtime Nearly 9 out of 10 individuals in a study admitted to using their phones or tablets just before bedtime. Research has shown that the blue light emitted from mobile phones affects the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates one’s circadian rhythm. One’s sleep-wake cycle is severely disrupted due to the use of gadgets at night. It is advisable to put away all electronic devices at least half an hour before bedtime and relax one’s eyes by meditating. Sleeping immediately after a meal The body digests food most efficiently in the upright position. Therefore, when one lies down immediately after a meal, the food typically gets redirected to the esophagus, causing heartburn and indigestion and impacting sleep quality. It is recommended to maintain a gap of three hours between one’s dinner and bedtime to prevent such issues. If one does feel hungry just before bedtime, they can have a small, healthy snack, such as plain yogurt with blueberries. Not sleeping in a dark room Studies suggest that a dimly lit environment helps the body produce melatonin, which is responsible for maintaining one’s sleep cycle. In contrast, exposure to brightness can impede its secretion, affecting sleep quality. Thus, it helps to install dim lights that can set the tone for sound, undisturbed sleep. Having excessive caffeinated beverages Caffeine is known to affect one’s sleep cycle by blocking sleep receptors, called adenosine receptors, in the brain. So, having caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee, and aerated drinks, in excessive quantities can severely impact one’s sleep cycle. Such beverages should specifically be avoided after sunset. Not investing in a comfortable mattress Adequate back and neck support is essential to ensure good-quality sleep. Understanding the different types of mattresses, such as foam or latex mattresses, can help one shortlist a firm yet soft mattress, which can support the body and prevent aches.